Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shepherdess Day 5!

Well... Bub didn't last the night.  We found him back with Sis this morning.  This is going to be a learning curve for him and for us.  It's hard to leave your best girl.

I'm afraid I dehydrated myself... all that fence work yesterday proved well worth it, but between my nervousness for Bub's first night with the sheep and my lack of water, I woke up at 3am with a terrible headache.  So shepherdess workout tip #1- remember to drink water.  Mercy.

I'm at 90oz of water so far today... not letting that happen again!

The sheep have loved their freedom today.   With the moon as bright as it was last night I was able to look out and see them throughout the night.  Quietly moving through the fields.  So peaceful.

Today they have ventured out, getting to know their new yard.   I called them tonight and they literally ran into the barn and all came to the gate.  I could have jumped and clapped I was so excited except that would have proved unhelpful.  The sheep are good with quiet, slow movements.  It will be a good lesson for us all.  A little more quiet, a little more grace.  But them coming to the gate at my presence is a good sign.

I have a mental list of the sheep who have eaten out of my hand.  Dr. Phil is a pro... so is Cammy.   Seth and Matthew are getting there.  Rummy,  every now and again and Lincoln is pretty good too.  Alexander and Hannah are pretty unsure of me still... but today was Alexander's day.  Or nearly.  He came soooo close.   Maybe tomorrow.   Each day we learn about each other a little more.  So, maybe tomorrow.

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