Monday, May 12, 2014

Shepherdess Day 4!

Lots of fence work to be done today.  We've had rain showers on and off, and so far I think the sheep liking being in the barn, but I think they are ready to get out to pasture!  

We got it done and they were more than happy to head out to pasture.  We even brought Bub down and introduced them to their very own body guard.  I didn't grab a picture... I was too busy watching him.  He was giddy!   They all settled into a nice rhythm.   He bounced around the field with them for a while... but soon, just followed them.  To the field, to the barn, to the field, to the barn.

The tough part is going to be keeping him there.  Sis is lovingly calling to him from her pen.  (Please note... their naming was just not well thought out-- Bub and Sis are not actually brother and sister-- we should note that- because she may be expecting.  And just because we are from Kentucky-- doesn't mean we are from that part of Kentucky!!  ha.)

Anyway.  Day 4- success!

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