Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shepherdess Day 2!

Made some progress today with the sheep.  They are still so timid-- this is all so new to them.  Try as I might- I am not Cathy- their previous mama.  

Dr. Phil 
So far, Dr. Phil, the oldest ram, has the most courage.  He eats out of my hand first each time.  He's almost letting me pet him while I feed him.  He's very spry and quick for being 8!

I was lucky enough to have my mom in for the weekend, she snapped a couple photos while I fed.  
For now, I'm just going down and sitting with them for extended times.

The boys are really anxious for the sheep to get to know them as well.   All in good time.

Sweet Cammy
So far, the boys seem more eager to eat than the girls.  They just aren't sure.  Except for Cammy, my smallest ewe.  She just may be on her way to being a favorite.  She's just slightly shorter than the other girls and she wants to trust... she's just not quite sure yet.  She is proving that she is brave...  she's first girl to eat from my hand.   We're getting there.

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