Friday, May 16, 2014

Loving the Rain! Shepherdess Day 7

We have had cloudy, cold days here lately.  But the Babydolls seem to love it- they play back and forth from the barn to the field, to the barn, to the field again!   They are loving the cool, wet grass and the boys have been butting heads and chasing each other.  

We learned yesterday that Bub can climb gates!  He climbed in-- walked around-- checked his sheep and climbed back out.  He cares for them- and they like him- they don't mind when he comes  into the barn.

 I wish I had a night vision camera- last night he walked down to the barn with me- several of the sheep were laying down, I sent him in first and most of them didn't even get up- Lincoln and Bub got nose to nose- so sweet.  He walked around- checked on each one and headed out to the pasture to do a perimeter check.   He's such a good dog. 

Looking forward to sunnier weather so I can wash the rest of the fleeces!  I have washed two black fleeces and am anxious to wash the white ones as well! 

It's been an amazing week.  I feel like it's not quite real still.  I am amazed by these animals.  

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  1. Hadn't checked the blog for a while and was thrilled to find Shepherdess posts! I'm so happy you got your babies. Once they are all settled in and familiar with their new family, I'll have to come visit!