Thursday, August 22, 2013

All Natural Carpet Deodorizer- Using Essential Oils

So... this morning I was getting ready to vacuum, and I realized that I was just about out of carpet deodorizer.  You know, that smelly powder.  It usually clogs up my vacuum anyway- but with 3 inside dogs and 2 bunnies (and 4 boys) it's pretty necessary!  So I started to do my Pinterest searches for how I could make my own!

Much to my happiness- I found several home recipes- most using common household items and something else I love-- essential oils!  I had actually just received two new oils to my collection- doTERRA's Serenity and Balance- both which have calming and settling effects aromatically.   Perfect for my bustling little home.

Most of the recipes I came across use baking soda as the base-- but I have found that the finer the powder the harder time my vacuum has- so I found another natural additive that will not only add some bulk to my mix- but will also act as an absorbent-- Cornmeal.

My recipe is:
1 sm. box of baking soda
1 1/2 cups of cornmeal (I had white cornmeal on hand- but any will work)
12 drops of Serenity
12 drops of Balance (really though 20-30 drops of any of your favorite essential oils will work)

I mixed it with a whisk to break up the oil that had already begun to clump up in the baking soda.  When that didn't work too well, I used my hands to gently blend the mix.  I poured it into an empty mason jar and poked holes in the lid!  Voila!  (I've also seen that a parmesan cheese lid will fit perfectly onto a small mouth mason jar).

Sprinkle on your carpet at let sit for 15 minutes.  Breathe deep knowing that you're not breathing in any chemical fragrances- just enjoying the aromatic benefits of essential oils- vacuum as normal!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Updates, Updates, All around!

I was at the farmer's market a couple weeks ago (by the way-- we do the farmer's market now-- more on that in a bit!), when a friend said "I haven't seen you blog anything recently".  She's right.  We picked up Bub and our life hit the GO button hard!!   We've had such an amazing whirlwind summer.  Why don't I do a quick re-cap and then I'll do my best to write some expanding posts in the very near future!


First it started with Bub.  As all good stories do... we have our hero.
Sweet boy.  He's such a good dog.  He's just over 11 months now, he'll be 1 on Sept. 11.  He just wants to be loved and to love on everyone.  He's our primary guardian of chickens right now.  And even though he still gets a bit too excited for play things in his pen (chickens=play things) we have noticed that the chickens are not as skittish knowing he's around.  He alerts us when the chickens get after one another, he alerts us when our inside dogs get a bit too close for his comfort to his chickens.  Someday he will be a sheep guardian dog, but for now, I like nothing more than to look out and see him all regally sitting up, back to our house, watching his flock of chickens roam the yard.  On duty.  

But... he was lonely.  In a story as old as Adam and Eve... he was not complete. 

So we got Sis. 

And yes, she is every bit as soft and gentle as she looks.  She, like Bub, is a Great Pyranese/Anatolian Shepherd mix.  We got her when she was just over 6 weeks.  She's just a lovebug.  She's got one advantage over Bub with the chickens, as she's now been raised with them, they aren't as exciting to her-- they are just hers.   She will become our primary chicken guardian dog as soon as we build Bub another enclosure.  

They love each other so very much.  Soon a small barn kitten wandered up,  Shadow 2- we had gotten Shadow 1 with Bub- but sweet baby was too small and didn't last long once we got home.   The three are inseparable.  We're pretty sure as much time as the kitten has spent in the chicken coop and dog pen- he doesn't really know he's a cat. 

Along with Bub, we got 12 Royal Palm Heritage turkeys.   We are hoping to have a sustainable flock this year and begin to sell poults in the Spring and free-range thanksgiving turkeys in the fall.   

It's been such a busy summer- we've raised a full garden.  Canned 22 quarts of beans, frozen several bags of corn (we eat it too quickly to freeze more!), and started canning tomatoes and relish.  

We also joined our local Farmer's Market.  We love setting up each week, we were selling beans, now that those are done, we are just waiting on our spaghetti squash, melons and butternut squash to start coming in.  In the meantime, I'm knitting and crocheting up a storm, stocking my etsy site and taking dishcloths and spa cloths to the market to sell.  It's been a wonderful way to reconnect with so many of the people I met through my shop.  I love hearing people call me "Sarabee".  It's nice to have made a name for myself... and now they're getting to know the boys, it's wonderful!   

The husband has been keeping busy building his treehouse/treestand for the upcoming hunting season.  He and some all-to-good-to-us friends got the platforms built and mounted, then we spent quality time all together putting up rails.  It's going to be nice for hunting, but also for the kids to play in during non-hunting season.  

I have been busy trying to simplify our house and get us ready for another big adventure-- homeschooling.  We've been thinking about it for sometime, and everything just kept pointing us in this direction.  We will begin in early September, so for now we are just enjoying our last weeks of summer and I'm scrambling around trying to prepare myself.  

 I've also been really pouring myself into worship leading at our church.  I don't really remember not singing in church.  It's the role I've always fit into... which has now led to something also very exciting that happened this summer.  I've held these cards very closely-- as if I shared them somehow my amazing experience would have not really happened... but I got to take a quick trip to Nashville early in the summer and sing for a producer there.  We made a small three song demo and hope to actually do a project of my own songs.  So I've been busy working with friends and loved ones, writing lyrics, finding melodies and capturing what I hope will be songs on a project in the very near future.   I will someday dedicate a whole post to my Nashvillian experience-- it has been a couple months and I still get goosebumps and tears when I think about it.  But just to prove to myself it really happened... here's a picture of me in the sound booth! 

It's been a wonderful summer.  Now we look to the fall and all the treasures it holds for us.  It's my favorite season.  It means a colorful end to a colorful year.