Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Essential to me...

I have been reading up on the values of essential oils in everyday life.  To some, it's shrugged off as hoo-doo voo-doo snake oil.  To others, it's a way of life, taking the place of much modern medicine.  Let me start off by saying that I am neither, and those who I have been in contact with are not either.  There is both legitimate scientific proof of the healing uses of essentials oils and how they work hand in hand with modern medicine.  

I've used essential oils aromatically for years.  Nothing smells quite as good as peppermint essential oil in my opinion...  

I've also suffered allergies for years.  Mostly against mold, dust and basic outdoor allergens.  I now live on farm and while we keep mold and dust a bay, my house sits in the middle of a field.  There's no avoiding that.  So, I began taking allergy medicine.  It made me feel just about as bad as my allergies.  Sure, I wasn't sneezing, but now my head felt empty, drowsy and it would lead to headaches which would lead into migraines which lead to more medicine.  I am thankful to have been raised by parents who took me and my siblings to the doctor when we were sick, but who also taught me the value of natural remedies.  I started at my local health store and apiarist.  Local honey provides the body with many of the local pollens so that it can start building up immunity against them.  I'm a big proponent of local honey... it tastes great too!   I started to also read a lot about doTERRA essential oils and how many of their oils are pure enough to apply to your skin and even ingest (if you read the labels of commonly available oils, you will see firm warnings- DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO SKIN and the number for poison control if you, your child or your pet were to ingest them).  This set doTERRA apart for me.  

Why do we love the scent of clothes out of the dryer?  Because the softner tries to recreate the lovely smell of clothes on the line (ie: "outdoor fresh, "summer sunshine" "sprintime breeze").  Why do we love candles and the ambience they bring?   The aromatic properties help to elevate and manipulate our moods... did you know some stores play to this specifically so that you will associate those smells with their stores and then have the urge to shop there?  Thing scratch and sniff marketing!  But some of these chemically processed scents are actually hurting our health.

A dear friend of mine put a post about doTERRA on her Facebook, and I immediately contacted her.  She brought me some samples and I instantly could tell the difference between what I had in these tiny vials and what I had purchased before.  The lavender was amazing,  the wild orange actually made my mouth water and the Breathe blend opened up my sinuses I hadn't even noticed were blocked.   That morning before church, I applied some of the Breathe blend to my sinuses and on my neck (much better smelling than my previous perfume aude de vaporub!) and forgot about it.  I meant to also take a pain reliever, but by time I left church I realized I had left them in my pocket, but my sinus headache was completely gone.  I was sold. 

I'm now a consultant for doTERRA and am loving learning more about their various uses.  Did you know for instance that Oregeno oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal!?  It's more than just a great topping on pizza.   Our earth was created to be self-sustaining and to provide for us.   Hand-in-hand, not in place of, modern medicine- I feel like I am finding a true balance for my home and my family.  I now use lavender oil in our bedtime routine with my three boys.  Calming three little boys who share a room can be the hardest part of my day.   But our bedtime prayers are now followed by rubbing lavender into the soles of their little feet, a bit on their back and then some calming "sniffs" (think deep breathing!).  Last night specifically we went from chaos, jumping on beds, yelling, and parental discipline threatening (ie: I will bring up the spoon!! --before you call DCFS it rarely actually leads to that- usually the threat is enough!) to a bit of calming time with mom and a few minutes later-- silence.  Sweet golden silence.  

Worth every (s)cent.

** if you have any questions or would like any samples, I'm happy to help!  You can contact me and also order directly through my doTERRA website in the margin to your right!**

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