Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On the needles...

When I opened my yarn shop 3 years ago, I assumed that I would have unlimited knitting time.  That is a wrong assumption.  Business takes over and you just don't have time to knit much, unless it's a class example or a swatch (and even then!).  Sitting in my knitting bag for 3 very long years... was this gorgeous pattern, the February Lady.  A grown up version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater and one of the nicest free patterns on Ravelry.  

Since closing my shop this summer, I've knit a few things... mostly small one day projects... and then there have been the abandoned projects.  I got started on the most amazing knit jacket-- the Sylvi-- that once I got the second sleeve done, I realized the sleeves were completely different... not really sure what I did wrong-- but it led to the projects abandonment.  So it still sits lonely and alone, like most of my other "I'm going to knit this for myself" projects.  I've begun to think I'm just better at knitting for other people.  Uhg.

So, after a friend posted a picture of her February Lady sweater... I decided that I would cast it on and give it a go.  I make no promises that it will not be abandoned, but so far it's got a lot going for it.   First of all... I set the yarn aside when I was closing.  I decided in the sadness of closing I would take myself on a selfish little shopping spree.  All of my yarns were being marked down-- so I took the ones I wanted for myself rather than watch the yarns I really liked walk out the door at a discount.  I didn't take much... but there was an Organic wool cotton blend that I just adored and so I snatched the turquoise colorway up and knew that it needed to become a sweater someday.   So when I decided to cast this on... all the stars aligned and I knew instantly what those balls of string were to become.   The next thing it's got going for it is that it's flying off my needles.  The yoke is a simple garter stitch and I'm  finished with that and about to move on to the lace bodywork.  I feel like that will go quickly and also be sickly satisfying.  I'm thinking of making my own buttons... but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself... nor do I want this project to just sit around and not get worn b/c I'm too lazy to make the buttons... so I may just go shopping on etsy and find someone else's buttons.  We'll see.

I'll post pictures of my progress as I go.  Although, now by blogging it, I may have just given this project the kiss of death...  stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pied Piper...

So, remember when I said that the turkeys were getting more and more adventurous?  Well, they got tired of foraging the other day and decided to raid our chicken coop!  Luckily our chickens are good sharers... I think they were actually as startled as we were by the company.   All it took was me grabbing a feeder and walking them back to their field... but I caught it on video... thought you all would enjoy the turkey parade!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Moments....

L'il Cap

Painted Pumpkin contest!

Opening Day of Wild Turkey Season!!  

Three pictures since things have been so quiet lately on here.  We've had sickness rage through our house again (it's just that time of year! bleh!).  We've also had a plethora of visitors, enjoyed some wonderful fall weather and activities and overall just been super busy living life!   Happy Fall everyone!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Moments...

I refinished our kitchen table and chairs last week--the 9 year old IKEA table probably shouldn't have been standing after all the abuse its received... but some chalk paint, a couple coats of polyurethane and it just may be one of my favorite pieces in the house now. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012


10 days.  So sorry people.  10 days.  We had a small 18 hour bout with the stomach bug and then I just got busy catching up... then we had a lovely visit with dear friends from Chicago stay with us for a weekend and two more families will be visiting this month-- so maintenance of my clean house is essential to my sanity over the next couple weeks.

First of all-- Happy birthday to my sweet mother.  I love you mom!!  

A brief catch up.  We had our first cold spell here in Kentucky this last week.  Me=0 the husband=1 on the keep the furnace off game.  He was on the keep it off side.  So we spent a lot of time around our little infrared heater.   I would actually read my Bible and drink my coffee sitting on the floor about 2 feet from the heater in the mornings.  It was cold.  This weekend has been a great turn around though and we've enjoyed some wonderful outdoors time.   We've gone apple picking and geocaching and had many campfires!

Our turkeys went on a little adventure on Thursday... actually giving me a small heart attack because they weren't in their normal spots.  They had actually left their field through a turkey sized hole in the fence and come into our yard just to see if the grass was greener, I guess.   I tried my darndest to get them interested in going back to their field... but they weren't.  So I filled their water and food dishes and hoped for the best.  Of course... they were smart and went in around dinner time.  They are so funny.  We did lose one of our bourbon red hens... leaving us just three to keep through the winter.  But we feel that is plenty.  We chalk our loss up to survival of the fittest as we found her in the barn with no obvious wounds... when they fly out of the rafters they usually glide down from one end of the barn to the other... and remember, their eyes are on the outsides of their little heads.. we found her just below one of the beams... we think she simply didn't see it in front of her and broke her own neck.  My sadness was out of the waste of losing her that way.  Thankful it wasn't an animal attack... but it was a loss all the same.   We sure got to teach a "country life lesson" to our sweet suburban friends that day!   I take for granted what my children see as natural here on the farm.  Life and death and the days in between as seen through a child's eyes are truly extraordinary.

The chickens are doing well... all the grown hens are laying, although we are starting to see a slow down as the days have been colder and darker.  At one point, we had 7 dozen eggs in our fridge!  I'm going to need to get a egg recipe board going on Pinterest soon.

I took part in a local craft festival here in town, yesterday-- I left with so many ideas on how to better market myself for small festivals... I need to write everything down!!  It was above all, fun and it felt good to get back out there.   This week I'll be re-inventing my Sarabee Designs website and getting an etsy for all the store destashing I need to do so desperately!

All in all it's been a busy 10 days... but I've missed blogging!!  Just been some of those days... so full... too full to sit at the computer and record!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Loving the high roost...

Our turkeys are starting to claim their independence...  after a day of circling the barn (remember they are only starting to claim their independence... they don't realize they have acres to claim... but they are giving themselves a nice walking path) they roost up in the rafters of the barn.  They started on the hay bales, but have climbed higher and higher until now they roost on the highest rafters.  They used to come down and get in their "apartment" when called, but now they just gobble back at me.  "We're cool up here, Mom... go back home".  It's hard to me to trust their instincts... I want to protect them... but they are quite well into their "teenage" stage now and must be allowed to by definition of "free range"- live freely.

For those worried that I might be a bit too attached to my sweet babies... fear not.  I'm a hunter's daughter and I know that these babies are destined for the dinner table.  I am a wee more attached to the Bourbon Reds since I know that they will sustain their flock... but still I know that eventually, they too will be retired to the plate.  Part of my attachment is keeping them safe, knowing their fate... anything less would be a tragic waste.  I love them while they are here... I respect and protect them... they are part of my responsibility as a homesteader.  And truly, they are magnificent animals.  They have so much personality and character... and at any given time, you will catch me talking to them as I do my children.   This morning, I gently coaxed a Tom out of the brambles and away from barbed wire that he seems convinced he could go through.  "Let's go Tommy... that's not a good decision... you're going to get hurt".  I'm sure anyone in earshot (we live on a big farm-- not much of a chance for that) would think I'm completely losing it.   And I'm ok with that.

Monday, October 1, 2012